YES!    Digatrade Financial Corp is all these things; hardware, software and procedures.

Digatrade is an enabling platform that encompasses a physical system of information management, as well as the software used by financial institutions to create and move “money”, and the protocols by which governments and institutions agree that things should work.

Digatrade is a public company, owned by shareholders who purchase our stock in their investment accounts.  Digatrade has developed, and acquired, proprietary elements that let us provide services in the worldwide payment system and to earn revenue for doing so.  As our shareholder, you are a partial owner of all that we are and what we will become.

We have extensive business plans that are filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in our official reports, quarterly and annually.  These can be seen at under the trading symbol DIGAF.

It is our goal that Digatrade become a major force in financial technology innovation in order to participate in the multi-billion dollar fintech sector, earning a portion of the billions of dollars in fees that are applied and shared amongst international payment processors, globally.