The movement away from cash has proven a boon for payments companies. Mastercard Inc. shares have gained 38 percent in the past year, and Visa Inc. is up 32 percent, compared with a 15 percent increase in the S&P 500 Information Technology Index…payments networks are each up more than 1,000 percent over the past decade, more than double the information tech index and triple the S&P 500.

Source:, Photo Credit: USA VISA 


By becoming part of Digatrade, DIGAF shareholders are stepping into a sector with intriguing advantages for both short term and long term gain compared with most industries.

To make the most of these sector-advantages, Digatrade has adjusted its business model during the past 6 months to shift emphasis from cryptocurrency trading by itself in isolation to instead become more broadly involved with the world’s payments system.  This increases opportunities for DIGAF exponentially.

There are several major trends in society that support DIGAF’s interests, and a number of business developments that prove it.

The most significant social trend that we are all familiar with, but do not think about much because it is quietly enhancing convenience in everyday living, is the movement away from the use of cash for payments.  Most consumers are using non-cash payment methods more without conscious effort, or even without realizing how much less cash they are actually transacting over the past several years. The range of credit card and debit card features continues to grow unabated. It now includes a variety of incentives such as reward points, discounts, money transfer capability, concierge services, integration with real estate lines of credit, small business expense management, consumer protection warranties, insurance options and much more.   Most merchants now accept some form of card in your possession, and increasingly from your mobile. The capabilities of these digital payment methods have increased faster than the ability of consumers to even understand their features.  This leads to a gradual but deepening immersion of consumers into these new methods through growing exposure, thereby altering normal payment patterns.  The direction is one way – always away from cash.  

The growing functionality of non-cash payment instruments is being brought to you by a network of fintech (financial technology) innovators who partner with larger, well-known institutions.  They are the face of the payments industry that we recognize, such as the major credit card brands.  All related trends in this sector are moving in the direction that helps Digatrade.  Let’s consider some of these beneficial trends:

  • The use of electronic payments by consumers is preferred by governments.
    It helps track economic activity and increases tax compliance.  Digatrade/Securter is not controversial nor in opposition to any countervailing forces.
  • The use of electronic payments supports the 24/7 “always on” lifestyle.
    A consumer with a credit card or debit card, may never have to visit a bank branch, even for cash.  That consumer has potential Digatrade/Securter capability in their pocket already.
  • Online shopping is growing faster than any other category.
    Consumer choices for products of interest online exceed any physical store.  Online shopping is gradually becoming the new norm for non-impulse items. Digatrade/Securer can benefit from transaction fees regardless of what products are popular.  Changes in personal tastes have no bearing on Digatrade/Securter’s ability to profit.
  • Travel and currency conversion hassles melt away.
    Electronic payment process providers are eager to handle foreign exchange automatically, earning fees and foreign exchange profit in the process. Digatrade/Securter is a globally capable platform.  Our partners already have international infrastructure.
  • Electronic payments are continuously evolving technologically, unlike cash which is static.
    Competitive pressures on payment processing giants require continuous fintech collaboration with innovators for them to stay relevant.  The payment system giants literally NEED innovation to stay alive, vis a vis competitors. This mounting pressure for financial giants to have leading-edge technology capability is a relatively recent phenomenon. Digatrade/Securter’s financial interests are perfectly aligned with this condition.
  • The rise of digital currency (cryptocurrency) as a store of value and medium of exchange continues.
    A literal re-invention of “money” is occurring in parallel, with growing acceptance, requiring complex fintech expertise to create and administer.  This expertise is another Digatrade/Securter strength.  We know cryptocurrency.  We have made money in the field. We speak the language.  We understand the thinking.  We grasp the issues and technology.  All of this adds to our ability to provide cryptocurrency integrated service ideas for partners and mutual fee revenue.  We have much to offer in this area and will benefit from cryptocurrency growth.  Cryptocurrency is not competitive to Digatrade/Securter – if fuels our opportunities.
  • The increasing use of pre-paid cards to receive affinity group payments.
    A growing number of Americans now receive 3rd party payments electronically to an affinity card, rather than to their bank accounts, for payment of commissions.  Other organizations are looking for ways to distribute small payments to a large number of people affordably, easily and securely.  There are opportunities for DIGAF in the future.

Digatrade Financial Corp (DIGAF) is a means by which retail investors can gain a stake in the international phenomenon of payments digitization and fintech innovation. Digatrade/Securter technology is proven to be innovative by means of patent pending stature. Digatrade/Securter technology development is being led by a team with a track record of technical accomplishments.  Now, Digatrade/Securter technology also has real-world engagement by means of initial affiliated payment gateway partnership arrangements.   DIGAF is well-positioned to benefit from these powerful trends and join a select innovative fintech community that works in partnership with the world’s largest financial institutions.   This is a path to earn a shared portion of a growing fee revenue base.

So the next time that you read a headline about the growing preference by consumers for non-cash payment instruments and cryptocurrency, remember that DIGAF is now participating and benefiting from this trend, in a way that you can be part of.