“This is an industry in the midst of significant disruption, in which new and redesigned business models pose competitive threats.
Even established firms in this robust sector may need to consider near-term transformation to ensure their position in the value chain”.
Source: McKinsey.com

Digatrade shareholders may think that giant financial institutions in the world’s payment system have a lock on their market.  This is only partly true.  The way in which it is not true illustrates the huge upside for Digatrade/Securter technology.

While the barriers to entry are huge for persons or organizations wanting to become “the next VISA” or “the next Bank of America”, it is not necessary to displace the enormous established interests, also known as “incumbents”, in order to become successful.  This is because the largest players provide structure, have deep pockets, are respected/accepted by the world’s regulators and governments, etc.  They have a stabilizing and normalizing impact.  They are the equivalent of the navy’s aircraft carriers.  As we know, a navy cannot consist only of these behemoths.  There is a great deal that needs to be done that requires speed and agility, stealth, creativity and adaptability, etc.  This is especially true when considering that several of these giants compete with each other and must constantly upgrade to have the latest capabilities.

Even industry experts acknowledge that the largest firms are often the least creative.  Their processes are built around reliability and compliance, not constantly reinventing themselves.  This is why Digatrade/Securter is exactly the sort of enterprise that is attractive to potential partners in the fintech/payments sector.  We are a team, not just one person.  We have patent pending new technology.  We operate professionally, with public record keeping and regulatory compliance.  The industry heavyweights know that by enabling collaboration with innovators, they can turn the fortunes of aspiring partners on short notice, and thus carry the power of receiving real effort  – far more than would arise within typical salaried research and development departments.

Furthermore, and this is important, it is more efficient for large organizations to pay for innovation that has already been developed rather than funding all R&D internally from scratch.  By this method, they end up paying for mostly productive contributions.  There are fewer dead-ends.  They can cherry-pick winners and then help them do very well by embracing their ideas with vast infrastructure resources, rather than wasting time.

Within the world payment gateways and payment service providers in the world’s payment systems, there are many niches and roles.  There are independent software vendors, value added re-sellers, systems integrators and more.   Then there is the hardware.  There are mobile devices, countertop devices, multi-lane devices – using various connections for developers and much more division of specialization than that.

The point for Digatrade shareholders to bear in mind is that our Securter team has already done something enormous – create patent pending fintech technology that is genuinely new in a complex field.

It’s an exciting development for Digatrade/Securter to be entering into external affiliate business partnerships now.  Our partners possess substantial existing payment processing infrastructure. They service thousands of merchants with their existing systems. These merchants generate hundreds of millions of individual consumer transactions annually, worth billions of dollars.  This requires myriad device certifications, ongoing, that is also looked after by such partners.  All of this activity generates fees for our partners. The more practical improvements or service additions that we help them implement, the more fee revenue could be available to share.  Our mission is to earn a place at the table as an innovation partner, providing practical intelligence, creative edge and talent for shaving pennies off cost, or adding pennies to revenue, billions of times, systematically – and to bring new sources of fee revenue through new capabilities.  Our first step as an affiliate partner is to integrate their payment gateway into Securter and onboard participating merchants into the Securter environment.

In a globalizing inter-connected marketplace, the “small amount/massive volume” revenue model has become more feasible than ever.  A small slice of a large aggregate sum can be very attractive.  The international payments sector is an under-appreciated area of business opportunity that Digatrade/Securter is proving that it has the knowledge to enter, and now demonstrating that it has the relationships to operate within.  This sector is the unique environment by which Digatrade/Securter can realistically derive income from people in settings as diverse as Mumbai in India, the capitals of Europe, and burgeoning markets Africa, Latin America and Asia – everyday, 24/7.  The only thing someone needs to be a potential Digatrade/Securter customer is a credit card, regardless of who they are, and where they live.

Clearly, we are entering a new phase now at Digatrade/Securter, from our first announcement only 6 months ago that we were adjusting course to the field of fintech innovation, leveraging existing expertise and integrating more.   Already, we have our first operating relationship with an initial  payment gateway partner who possesses the massive activity volume that we need to be successful – and even this is just our first partner.

We are looking forward to terrific developments ahead over the next six months, as we gain momentum.  Our growing internal team, industry relationships and passion are the classic ingredients of success stories in our field.  Every high profile success went through an early phase when no one had heard of them before.  Now, with Digatrade/Securter’s emerging relationships, far more people will be hearing about Digatrade/Securter – including people inside the world’s payments industry, where a collaborating fintech partner can be given extraordinary lift.

Thank you for your interest in Digatrade/Securter.