The illustration above shows the central position occupied by the Payment Service Provider (PSP) in the world payments system for credit card transactions, and Digatrade/Securter’s targeted relationship to the PSP community.  

Global Credit card activity has grown at a phenomenal pace. Purchases now occur at the rate of thousands of transactions per second, globally.  These are processed through the world’s payments system – a network of cooperative relationships between enormous financial institutions.  There are many special security challenges that arise from this staggering pace of activity.  There has never been a greater need for next generation authorization protocols to protect cardholders, merchants, payment service providers, card networks and issuing banks from growing fraud in online credit card transactions.  

Digatrade and its Securter team associates also share extensive cryptocurrency knowledge and are utilizing this expertise to add further value to its partnership with Payment Service Providers to enhance their service scope and fee revenue, to share.  Integration of credit card use and cryptocurrency holdings is a fast growing demand which has enormous potential for security and convenience enhancements – this is Digatrade/Securter’s competitive strength. A separate blog post soon will explain more about the advantages of Securter’s patented technology in practical terms, for shareholders.

Digatrade/Securter’s first-ever partnership agreement with a mainline Payment Service Provider, to help with implementation, was recently announced.  Further partnership details will be shared when certain non-disclosure and confidentiality arrangements have been satisfied.

With today’s announcement of the addition of Partnership Development Specialist Rishon Talkar to the Digatrade/Securter team, such partnership arrangements will be expanding.