Digatrade has entered the fintech marketplace.  Our first step is to establish alliances with financial institutions who will benefit from our patent-pending anti-fraud technology to protect online credit card transactions.  Our expertise will also be applied to increasing privacy for cardholders and merchants, and even eventually increasing the safety and security of cryptocurrency-to-conventional store purchases by credit card.  There are many improvements possible in this leading edge of the world’s payments systems.

What most people don’t realize is the vast scale of the problem to which we are contributing our fintech solutions. The average person may think that unauthorized use of credit cards has been contained.  Wrong – it is growing larger than ever.  The rate of growth will accelerate further because online transactions are by far the most popular growth category for credit card transactions.

The following are only some of the many reasons why this massive market can bring Digatrade/Securter explosive growth when our institutional partnerships become operational:

  • Losses due to credit card fraud are now estimated at over U.S. $3 Million PER HOUR, on average, around the clock. That’s $25 Billion per year.
  • Of the world total, half of this occurs right here in the USA.
  • Of all Americans, almost 50% have already personally experienced some form of credit card fraud against themselves.
  • There is a new identity theft victim every two seconds in the USA.
  • Now it is not just credit cards -debit card fraud has hit over 20% of Americans over the past 5 years. Digatrade/Securter protective technology is applicable across a variety of card types.
  • Big hacking of merchant data bases is now huge; hundreds of millions of personal records have been compromised. It is estimated that approximately 2,000 MAJOR hacks occur per year now.
  • The introduction of EMV upgrades in 2015 reduced in-store fraud, but has not dealt with online fraud.
  • You are not safe at any age – this crime does not discriminate.
  • You are not safe in any gender.  Lifestyle choices bring no safety, no matter who you are, what job you have or where you live..
  • The average personal loss exceeds $1,000.  This number keeps growing.
  • It’s not just identity theft – fraudsters use other methods too, in over 80% of cases.
  • Not all breaches are in business – healthcare/medical has been a large sector too.
  • Card-Not-Present online credit card fraud accounts for approximately half of all problems.
  • Credit card skimming technology (used when you let go of your card) continues to become more sophisticated.

Digatrade/Securter has the business plan advantage that our customers, financial institutions who handle the world’s payment systems, are always interested to learn more about how they can reduce their losses.

Our fintech category of business has been exceptionally lucrative for new entrants and investors with proprietary systems – a distinction for our sector that is growing.

The fact that Digatrade/Securter is incorporating cryptocurrency capabilities into the company’s fintech plans places it on solid ground for profound growth of shareholder value in the short term, medium term and long term.

Fintech is not a trend – it is becoming the world’s largest financial enterprise, and we are positioning ourselves to be in the heart of it.

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