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Welcome to DIGATRADE Financial Corp. 

Fintech innovation that pays.  

Digatrade is introducing the next-generation of security and efficiency to the world’s credit card payment processing system for online purchases.  This pending technology can dramatically reduce immense financial loses experienced by financial institutions and merchants every day due to unauthorized or fraudulent use of credit cards for online purchases, internationally.  

This technology also protects credit cardholder privacy by removing the need for cardholders to provide their credit card specifics to merchants when making online purchases. It uses an alternative transaction authorization technology that avoids this risk. If merchants don’t have your credit card information, then the information is not vulnerable to theft or manipulation. 

Digatrade fintech will also eventually include easier and more secure credit card purchases of cryptocurrency than today’s available methods.  This will make cryptocurrency more practical and useful in routine personal financial life.

The Digatrade revenue model is based on Digatrade receiving a portion of the transaction fees that are earned and shared amongst  participating payment processors worldwide.  In this manner, Digatrade will become an integral part of the world’s digital payment system.  This model generates revenue for Digatrade from e-commerce regardless of what is being purchased, by whom, when or where.  It is a “24/7 revenue” business model, derived from an accumulation of a vast number of small amounts, continuously, automatically and seamlessly.   

Digatrade is also embarking on the development of blockchain technology derived solutions to launch further financial transaction products and services in the coming years.  Digatrade is establishing itself in the world’s most important industry – payment systems.  Without digital payment system technology, today’s commerce and global economy would not be possible. 

Digatrade holds three guiding principles, for the benefit of its cryptocurrency interested shareholders:

The first principle is to implement a business model that makes the company immune to downward fluctuations in Bitcoin and other altcoin valuations. 

The second principle is to solve actual problems.  For example, in the case of cryptocurrency, we will increase the functionality of cryptocurrency transactions, not merely replicate payment methods and payment corridors that already exist.  In the case of online credit card payment security,  we will increase the protection of cardholders, merchants and financial institutions as e-commerce and online shopping explodes in popularity.  There are many contributions for Digatrade to make in the world’s digital payment systems – a realm that is vast, complex and vital to global prosperity.

The third principle is to follow a multi-stakeholder model.  We go beyond only addressing consumer experiences to include the perspective of vendors for two-sided transaction ease, non-commercial institutions whose interests may not be as remote as they imagine and governments who are not yet clear in their policies, but may in fact become enormous beneficiaries across their vast operations.  We have many allies and reasons to grow. 


DIGATRADE believes that governments and other NGO institutions have much to gain from blockchain technology as they manage their vast operations in the future. We are developing a broad reach in order to encompass diverse partnerships.




Making online and digital asset transactions safe, secure and convenient for all.

Digatrade Financial Corp.
1500 West Georgia Street, Suite 1300
Vancouver BC, V6G 2Z6, Canada 


Digatrade fintech initiatives will make cryptocurrency more practical and desirable in everyday use.
Next generation technology is on its way. 

 Today’s Investment. Tomorrow’s Norm.
That’s vision. That’s Digatrade.

Brad Moynes, CEO

Teamwork. It’s the combination that ignites wonder, but it doesn’t  replace individual initiative.

At DIGATRADE insights start with one, then they inspire action by all.

It’s easy to get lost in the theory of what is possible. We are collaborating with thought leaders in global finance and software development to “mine” the technology itself in order to deliver useful applications that are not already in this space.  

We have insights and are well-connected to incredible experts. These leaders in their fields deal with things that most people would not understand because these systems work in the background. 


DIGATRADE envisions smart ways of managing fintech’s immense potential. We are now poised to provide a next generation of security technology and to monetize these innovations for our shareholders and partners, both. We know we are in this together.  


One day cryptocurrency and new fintech will touch every industry.
As a Digatrade shareholder, you are part of this future, now. 

A 21st Century Investment.

“What sets our vision apart from others is our applied system focus.  
Without that, we are hobbyists rather than business people”.  

DIGATRADE  means business.

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Nothing happens today in the international payments system without a trained and interconnected  team of experts.

Digatrade thinks globally.   


Our technology was born internationally. Literally. Our colleagues live and work in North America and in global thought centers.  

Digatrade is relevant locally.   


There is no place on earth that digital commerce can occur in which Digatrade systems and blockchain plans are not useful.  

Digatrade serves needs that are universal.   


People matter.  We design systems that help all people to be less at risk of harm. We help companies who serve them experience less harm too, and keep more of what they earn. 


Systems Vision

What we can do for our Shareholders?

Fintech is here to stay. Your company DIGATRADE (OTC.PK: DIGAF) is at the leading edge of this sector of technology. The opportunity is vast.

We thank you for being a part of our bold mission to help design and monetize fintech innovation ceaselessly, in alliance with financial
institutions internationally.


Today’s Investment.  
That’s Digatrade.

What people are saying

What is the world’s most enduring industry? Payments!


The more that you get to know us, the more our credentials will shine.

smart ideas turn us on

We are driven to innovate. But unlike a light bulb, we don’t burn out.

smart moves matter

That’s why our strategy is based on first rate alliances; smarter together.


What is Digatrade's business model?

Digatrade is a means by which public investors can gain a stake in the development and commercialization of financial technology (fintech).  In our case, this includes cryptocurrency activities and related blockchain tech derivations, credit card security enhancements and more.  Our revenue will flow from a combination of fee-based revenue sharing with payment platforms and transaction fees of various kinds. As long as human society will process digital payments, Digatrade has a business sector in which to flourish.

Where are your systems designed?

Our primary design centers to-date have been North America based.

When is the best source of information for DIGAF shareholders?

This Investor Information portal is new and will continue to add content for single-source convenience in Digatrade investor matters. For more information about Digatrade products and services as it relates to Digatrade customers, please visit the corporate website:

When will the company be profitable?

The company has not yet achieved profitability because it has been investing in the creation of its technology.  These investments make the company more valuable because it brings us closer to commercialization.  Significant encouragement has been received from strategic allies who represent our targeted customer group.   They affirm that our plans are highly desired by our target customers and partners, and will be utilized as soon as development can be launched.  In this sector, when the launch occurs, it will be on a large scale, because it will be in partnership with major financial institutions.

Who is in charge?

As a public company, our shareholders have the final say regarding our goals and practices.  Our management team has been appointed by the Digatrade Board of Directors, who represent the interests of diverse shareholders.  

A thorough description of our share structure, voting rights and annual reporting can be found at the website of the U.S. Securities and Exchange commission and/or

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Contact us

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Your company DIGATRADE (DIGAF) is working at the leading edge fintech. 

Thank you for being a part of our mission. 

FUTURE VISION. Today’s Investment.

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